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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
23 December 2028 @ 07:57 pm
I like to think that my drawings are made in this way: a bit of sudden inspiration, a lot of passion, lots of blank pages, some hearts, a pencil and a cute puppet. I'm behind them, but in reality my drawings have a mind of their own! It's like working in a trance, I'm aware of them only at work finished. 

My puppet is called Num, pronunced ['Num].
He's a little plushie guy, alone in the world, with too many dreams and a very big heart. But his greatest dream is to find someone to share his life with, to know love.
He isn't scared easily, due to a bit of too much naivety. Although his worst fear is to remain alone, to be hurt again and again.
Also, he's ruled by emotions and befriends every kind of creature, from mushrooms, to pigs, to carnivorous plants.

Usually I draw with...Collapse )

. Where to find MeCollapse )
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
01 June 2013 @ 07:26 am
I'm one of the finalists in Redbubble's contest "Tattoo Designs Even A Mother Could Love"!! I'm super happy :D It's the first time for me!

Anyway, there's time till June 5th to vote, so please help me voting my work. You only have to click on the following link and then click on the vote button under my pic! And if you can, share this with your friends and tell them to vote for me if they like what they see (:
Thanks in advance to you all!


. To you
by `Nonnetta on deviantART
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
23 December 2012 @ 01:24 pm

by `Nonnetta on deviantART

Here some details:

Drawing made in September. I had three different background for it (as you can see below) and finally I've decided for the middle one. Just in time for the holidays! It wasn't intentional but I think it's really appropriate for this time of the year. So Merry Christmas to you all! :

You can find it here deviantArt, Redbubble, Artflakes, Facebook, Blogspot, Flickr, Glossom
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
11 September 2012 @ 02:11 pm

From the latest work, to the first one!

.Last night I dreamt. by `Nonnetta on deviantART

.No other way. by `Nonnetta on deviantART

.Je reve de toi. by `Nonnetta on deviantART

.Rever. by `Nonnetta on deviantART

I started with .Rever., then I needed an higher resolution image so I drew .Je reve de toi. that in the end inspired the artwork in question. But I thought it would be fair to have a pic with only the little girl too, so .No other way., which I posted before this latest one because it seemed right as I posted the one with only Num before too.

I know, kind of a twisted reasoning, but I hope you like the pictures anyway!

 Prints, greeting cards, postcards, etc. on Redbubble
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
27 August 2012 @ 11:14 am
Redo of .Rever.
Which one do you prefer? For now, it's the last work I redoed but as my schedule will slow down a bit I would like to restart updating old artworks of mine. 
Anyway this one inspired a couple more pics I'm uploading in my gallery and here in the next few days.

In the meantime, greeting cards, postcards, prints, etc. on Redbubble and Artflakes.

.Je reve de toi.
by `Nonnetta on deviantART
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
21 August 2012 @ 09:41 pm
I remade another old work, .J'ai le coeur reveur.. I'm again satisfied with the final result, particularly because it has inspired another couple of pics still in their sketches stage for now but that I already like a lot!

.Coeur reveur.
by `Nonnetta on deviantART

You can find it on Redbubble too if you're interested in cards and prints. And on Artflakes too.
I opened the shops a few days ago, though I must say I have an account on Artflakes since this past winter.

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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
19 August 2012 @ 04:11 pm
I remade .Hungry for love. because I needed a higher resolution image of it, plus I didn't like so much how the first one turned out.
I don't have anymore high resolution images of lots of my first artworks, so I plan to redo at least the ones I love more. Already I've a couple more ready to be uploaded on deviantArt in the next few days. A few have inspired some new pics too!

Anyway, hope you like. Tell me what do you think of it! I'm in love with how it turned out!

. Hungry for love
by `Nonnetta on deviantART
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
13 August 2012 @ 10:43 am
The latest work of mine was prompted by the London Olympic Games, as you can better read here. But then I was strucked by the idea to broaden a bit its meaning, so I changed some little details and the pic posted on my blog became what I added in my gallery on deviantArt.

As you can see, I made an unusual oval shaped version of the drawing that in the end I like better than the rectangular one more common in my works. But I wavered quite a bit between the two, so I decided to add both here and I hope you can tell me which one you prefer.

Anyway, you may prefer to visit my blog to compare them all and maybe appreciate the little silly works based on the Olympics (:
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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
20 July 2012 @ 06:13 pm

.Silent song.
by `Nonnetta on deviantART

nspired by a contest on dA a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't meet the requirements about colours - there were too many in this piece - and so, in the end, I didn't take part in it. Alas, I like the final result. Therefore I'm adding it in my gallery!

I know, probably the floor it's a bit too much. But I couldn't shake out of my mind the idea of a wooden floor, sorry! Hope you like it anyway (:

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. N o n n e t t a  /  Moony.
17 July 2012 @ 01:29 pm

.Time off from reality.
by `Nonnetta on deviantART

hese days I have too many fantasies crossing my mind and I don't think it's a good think. Alas, it's my nature giving them free reign.
Anyway this is the little drawing used in .Working for you.. I liked it too much not to make it a stand alone piece! Enjoy (:
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